Repair Centre at Halifax West End Golf Club.

Club Repair, Alteration & Upgrades

We carry out a various number of repairs and alterations on site in the fully fitted workshop. We know that the main priority is to get your club back to you as quick as you can, therefore we carry many of the most popular grips and shafts in stock, to get you reunited with your club as soon as possible. Most jobs can be carried out 1-3 days.
We have the equipement to change the loft and lies of irons as well as putters, which can be tailored to your exact requirements. Alterations can be done to bring your clubs back to factory or your own personal specifications. We can tailor the clubs to you by booking in for a custom fitting session.

Carried Out Repairs:-

  • Loft and Lie Adjustments
  • Grips
  • Gripping using customers own grips
  • Grip thickening
  • Re-Shafting
  • Re-Sticking loose Heads
  • Removing broken shafts
  • Fixing shaft rattles
  • Replacing Ferrule
  • Shortening
  • Lengthening

Motocaddy Repair and Service.

An addition to the usual repairs we know are certified Motocaddy service and repair centre. We carry a selection of components, so we can get you back on the golf course as soon as possible.