Repair Price List


Why re-grip your clubs
If you play once a week, it is recommended that you re-gripyour clubs once a year. Poor grips are the cause of many poor shots, this is caused through over gripping resulting in tension in your arms and shoulders. This tension causes poor swing mechanics. This is compounded even more in wet weather, when your grips become slippy.

Incorrect size.
Poor shot direction could be a result of incorrect sized grips. Grips that are too skinny will cause your hands to become over active resulting in a pull or a hook. Too thick and the hands become inactive resulting in a slice or a push.

We carry many of the a wide selection of GOLF PRIDE grips in stock, if we dont have the type you want in stock we can get most grips. We want to get you back on the golf course as soon as we can. Most re-grips are done within 24 hours.

Re-Grip offer – Get 6 or more grips fitted and get 10% discount

Golf Pride
Tour Velvet – £6.50

Ladies Tour Velvet – £6.50

Multi Compound – £10.99

MMC Plus4 £10.99

MMC Align £13.99

Tour SNSR (putter) £24.99

Tour Classic Putter £8.99


Legacy £24.99

Pistol GT £24.99

Legacy CC £34.99

Additional Extras
Grip thickening – 50p per wrap
Re-gripping with own grips – £4.00

All prices include fitting by one of our qualified professionals


Shafts break through fatigue or round a tree be it through playing a shot or in anger. We carry a limited stock of True Temper and Dynamic Gold (Reg/Stiff). Our main priority is to try to get that club back to you as soon as possible, most jobs are completed within 1-3 days. If you require a shaft that we don’t have in stock additional time will be needed.
Steel Shafts
Starts at £12.00 plus your choice of grip
Graphite Shafts
Starts at £25.00 plus your choice of grip.

Club Alteration

Additonal work can be carried out on your clubs in our workshop to personalise them to yourself or fix those small problems that occur from time to time during the course of play.
Shortening (new grip maybe required) -£6.00
Lengthening (new grip maybe required) – £8.00
Re-Glue loose shaft -£4.00
Replace broken Ferrule – £5.00
Re-Glue loose ferrule – £5.00
Fixing shaft rattle – £4.00
Shaft removal – £5.00

Loft and Lie Alteration – £3.00 per club