Club MOT & Service

Lower your scores without changing your swing.
Over the course of a golfing season your equipment will degenerate, there is, unfortunately, no way of avoiding that. Grips will lose their tackiness, shafts will wear, clubfaces will get scratched and dented and the loft and lies of your irons will change

Regular check ups of your equipment can spot any problems and perhaps rectify them before they become unfixable.

We are offering a equipment MOT check, where we will go through your equipment for you, casting an expert eye over it and recommending any changes or ways you can improve it without breaking the bank.
Winter has a detrimental affect on your footwear, wet shoes are left in lockers and studs become worn. Let us give them some TLC. We will evaluate your shoes for stud wear, clean mud and polish them, to give them a new lease of life.
Using our TEN point check we will cast a expert eye over your equipment, getting them ready for the new season.

  • Full club service and evaluation.
  • Loft & Lie Check and re-adjusted if needed.
  • Session on the Flightscope Launch Monitor.
  • Clubs and Grips cleaned.
  • Shoe evaluation and polish.

Contact a member of staff in the pro shop to book your gear for MOT now.