Mizuno Custom Fitting

We are proud to be a Mizuno certified fitting centre for Mizuno and have invested in the DNA system that tells you exactly what shaft is best for your swing type. It is an amazing piece of kit and best of all it only takes 10 minutes!


Shaft Optimizer

The Optimizer’s screen displays 5 data points that create your Swing DNA. The readings are all taken from the shaft rather than the ball – so there’s no pressure to make perfect contact. Your readings for a pure strike and a miss-hit will be the same. The loads your ‘different’ swings place on the shaft are incredibly consistent.

mizuno-swing-dna-measurementsFrom your Mizuno DNA – we can shortlist 3 suitable shafts for you to test (from over 50 possibilities). The system can’t factor in your personal preferences for feel and sound – that’s down to you. Though it’s a much easier process to make a personal choice from 3 well matched options. From our experience the right shaft could find you 20-30 yards in wasted distance as well as improving your consistency