Importance of custom fitting

Are you serious about your golf?
We are all different shapes, sizes and have different swing charactoristics, so why do you think you should use a set of club that you have bought offer the shelf. Why should you fit your swing to your clubs? Surely this should be the other way round.
We all read golfing publications and look at the new clubs that are out on the market today, they all claim they do this and that. These are just words and pictures. Here at Halifax West End GC you have the benefit of over 50 demo clubs, so you can try before you buy. Coupled with a professional fitting service, we will make sure are purchasing clubs that are right for you.

What is custom fitting?

Custom fitting is a personal 1-to-1 service to help you find the right clubs for YOU. The fitting process is a combination of question and stastical measurements along with the most imporant element the dynamic fitting striking the ball.
How does custom fitting help?
Having the correctly fitting club will help in a number of ways,
* Hitting more greens
* Hitting more fairways
* Longer distance due to optimized ball flight
* More confidence
* Greater enjoyment
* Lower scores (Hopefully)