Individual Lessons

When you book an individual lesson with Darren Arber you can be guaranteed a professional approach in a relaxed style. Darren will fully explain your golf swing to you and explain the cause and affect of the problems that you currently have. The lessons can be tailored to fit your particular requirements and can be booked at a time to suit you. All individual lessons have the benefit of the Flightscope Data Tracking, Video Analaysis & Proagenda Academy notes , where your swing will be tracked as your lessons progress.




Price List

(Halifax West End Members get £5.00 discount on individual lesson prices)

40 minutes – £30.00

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2 Lesson Option
2 x 30 minute one to one lesson with Darren Arber.
£55.00 (save £5.00)

*lessons to be taken within one month.

4 Lesson Option
4 x 30 minute one to one lesson with Darren Arber.
£110.00 (save £10.00)

*lessons to be taken within 2 months

6 Lesson Option
6 x 30 minute one to one lesson with Darren Arber, this package of lessons are ideal for someone who wants to take regular lessons to keep on top of their game or are new to the game, as an alternative to the beginners package.
£165.00 (save £15.00)

*lessons to be taken within 4 month

Course Management
Play 6 holes one to one with Darren Arber. During these lessons he will take you through course management and shot selection to help you save them all important shots from your scorecard.

Flightscope Data Tracking

Take your learning experience to the next level.

Video analysis is an essential part of our lessons with your swing compared with many of the leading professional as well as being compared against your previous lesson. But with all lesson now using Flightscope your lesson and learning experience will help you improve and see the results.
Don’t leave anything to chance. Flightscope X2 lets you actually SEE your improvement with real time data! It’s an experience not to be missed!