Golf Foundation Junior Passport

What is the Junior Golf Passport?

The junior Golf passport is a great way to introduce children to the game of golf, as it concentrates on learning through doing and is very involved and interactive. It takes your children through the game of golf from how to hit the ball to the rules and etiquette of the game.
The Junior Golf Passport is the national learning programme for young people in Scotland, Wales and England. It includes a series of achievable targets and about the rules and etiquette of golf. The emphasis is on having fun while learning. It is a comprehensive, progressive, structured programme designed to help young people learn about playing the game of golf. The programme encourages and motivates beginners through the achievement of attainment targets combined with rewards and the most important element – FUN!

The scheme sets a series of achievable targets linked to fun games and activities.
It has been designed so that:
It can be used within any Golf Roots project
It can be implemented almost anywhere
Its flexibility allows PGA Professionals and volunteers to use creative and innovative teaching methods
It makes it possible to create strong, substainable school-club links
The children have a great time as they are learning
It allows the child to progress at their own pace
The passport provides each child with a record of achievement as they develop their skills and knowledge.
How does it work?
The programme covers the five core elements of the game: Putting, Short Game, Long Game, Playing and the Golfers Code. For each of these levels there are a series of targets that get progressively more challenging. The targets are grouped into six levels:

Start Levels 1 and 2:
This section relates to an introduction to basic coaching for young people beginning the scheme at this level. Also, those who have completed the Tri-Golf section should be ready to make the transition to coaching using conventional golf equipment.
Play Levels 3, 4 and 5:
This section contains targets that relate to the experience of playing on a golf course. The aim is to enable the young player to play on a course independently having developed an understanding of the fundamental skills and traditions of the game.
Whilst the aim is to progress through the levels, an individual’s progress in any of the core elements need not be held back. For example, if a child is a particularly good putter he/she could progress through the putting module and could be rewarded using the stickers. A certificate would be awarded on completion of a level.
On completion of ALL levels a player will have completed his/her Junior Golf Passport and will receive a certificate.