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Preparing for 2018…..


Is it time for a change?

If it is over 2 years since you last had any new grips it might be time to have them changed. Grease from your hands causes the rubber in the grips to breakdown resulting in the grips becoming hard and shiny and as a result not giving you the traction that you desire. This will cause you to over grip the club resulting in an inconsistent strike, poor distance control as well as poor shot direction.

We have a wide selection of grips in stock to ensure a quick turn around of your clubs.

Have you ever been fitted for your grip?

When I did my last grip fitting day 85% of the people who I measured were using the wrong size of grip for their hand size. Using the right grip size is extremely important and helps the direction that you hit the ball.

  • Too Small – promotes increased hand action, and therefore will cause you to close the clubface through impact resulting in a hook/pull.
  • Too Big – restricts hand action and therefore will cause you to leave the clubface open through impact resulting in a slice or a push.

Pop into the shop next time you are at the Club and find out if you are using the right size grips.

How to help keep your grips tacky?

Regular cleaning with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush will prelong the life of your grips. Cleaning should be done on a monthly basis depending on the amount of golf that your play.