Custom Fitting – Price List

All my custom fitting appointments and prices include the use of the new Flightscope

Custom Fitting – Driver
The session will start with your current driver to gain valuable information on how it is performing. After a discussion of what ball flight and shot shape you are looking for, or if you are trying to eliminate a certain bad shot. We will test other drivers that will be suitable. The Flightscope will analysis each club giving data and averages on how each club is performing. We can then determine your perfect driver.

Long Game Gap Fitting Sessions – Fairways/Hybrids
The Flightscope will be used to determine the correct lofts of fairways and hybrids to fit into your current set make-up, providing equal distance gaps between each club.

Custom Fitting – Irons
After filling out the personal interview to help determine what you are wanting and to provide statical measurements to provide a starting point, we will then progress to the dynamic fitting. Using the Flightscope along with the demo clubs in stock, we will test a number of different irons, along with the interchangeable shafts we can determine the ideal launch conditions to get the most from your irons.

Yardage Assessment – Know your yardage.
Wanting to know how far each of your clubs in your sets goes? With the use of the Flightscope we will find out how far each of your clubs in your set carries as well as giving total distance. We will email you a full print-out of your clubs distances.

Hybrid Gapping -Are you carrying the right loft?
This will allow us to see if you are carrying the correct hybrid lofts to give you equal gapping between your fairways and long irons.

Wedges Gapping – Are you carrying the right lofts?
This will allow us to see if you are carrying the correct lofts in your short irons giving you equal coverage and eliminating gaps. If you have some problem areas we can change the lofts on our loft and lie machine so your wedges fit perfectly.

Loft & Lie Check (retro-fit)
If you have had your clubs custom fitted and would like them re-checked to make sure that they are correct. We can tweak them back into the specifications that you require.