Coaching with Flightscope Launch Monitor

Change your game.

The data that the flightscope gives a picture of your club in the most important area of the swing-Impact.
The Flightscope X2 accurately measures the true 3-dimensional trajectory of the ball flight along with ball speed, carry, spin, launch angle, club speed and club path.
Along with the coaching advice you will be given during your lesson, Flightscope technology will act as an invaluable tool to allow me to analyse every element of your game.


Video analysis is an essential part of our lessons with your swing compared with many of the leading professional as well as being compared against your previous lesson. Students will experience a rapid learning curve, when your lesson is coupled with Flightscope
Don’t leave anything to chance. Flightscope X2 lets you actually SEE your improvement with real time data! It’s an experience not to be missed!